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Agencies:Hutter Reisen, Omnibus Grabherr, Omnibus Verkehr, Stadt Isny, Hagmann, Ehrmann Reisen e.K., Stadtverkehr B.W., Bühler, BürgerBus, Omnibus Wegis, Bürgerbus Ostrach, BürgerBus, Omnibus Müller, Stadtverkehr Lindau, SWÜ, Omnibus Morath, Reisch, Strauss, Omnibusverkehr Volk, Schuler
Effective:December 09, 2018 to December 14, 2019

During the upcoming service dates Fri Jul 19 to Mon Sep 16:
Average trips per date:1374
Most trips on a date:2072, on 2 service dates (Thu Jul 25, Thu Sep 12)
Least trips on a date:468, on 9 service dates (Sun Jul 21, Sun Jul 28, Sun Aug 04, ...)

Found these problems:
21216 warnings
1Duplicate Trip
14647Invalid Values
6118Stop Too Far From Shape With Dist Traveleds
10Stops Too Closes
416Too Fast Travels
24Too Many Consecutive Stop Times With Same Times


Duplicate Trip

Invalid Value

Stop Too Far From Shape With Dist Traveled

Stops Too Close

Too Fast Travel

Too Many Consecutive Stop Times With Same Time