GTFS validation results for feed:
FeedValidator extension used: extensions.googletransit

Agencies:swhn, unbekannt
Effective:July 26, 2018 to December 14, 2019

During the upcoming service dates Thu Sep 05 to Sun Nov 03:
Average trips per date:742
Most trips on a date:878, on 7 service dates (Wed Sep 11, Wed Sep 18, Wed Sep 25, ...)
Least trips on a date:446, on 11 service dates (Sun Sep 08, Sun Sep 15, Sun Sep 22, ...)

Found these problems:
886 warnings
20Duplicate Trips
750Invalid Values
16Stops Too Closes
96Too Fast Travels
4Too Many Consecutive Stop Times With Same Times


Duplicate Trip

Invalid Value

Stops Too Close

Too Fast Travel

Too Many Consecutive Stop Times With Same Time