GTFS validation results for feed:
FeedValidator extension used: extensions.googletransit

Agencies:Staatsbahnen, WestVerkehr GmbH, Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG, Dürener Kreisbahn GmbH, VIAS GmbH, DB Bahn Rheinlandbus Aachen, Rurtalbahn GmbH, ASEAG Netliner
Effective:June 09, 2019 to June 13, 2020

During the upcoming service dates Mon Oct 28 to Thu Dec 26:
Average trips per date:7136
Most trips on a date:9427, on 1 service date (Thu Oct 31)
Least trips on a date:2359, on 1 service date (Wed Dec 25)

Found these problems:
5331 warnings
8Duplicate Trips
164Invalid Values
3Stops Too Closes
5153Too Fast Travels
2Transfer Walking Speed Too Fasts
1Unknown File


Duplicate Trip

Invalid Value

Stops Too Close

Too Fast Travel

Transfer Walking Speed Too Fast

Unknown File